Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Month of the year
On February 21st of 2012, was a day to remember. My mom and I figured it was a great idea to get a dog for me as an early birthday present. Except my birthday was 4 months away. The decision was pretty intense because I had no clue what breed I wanted or what we would name it. I personally value many things. Family is priceless and will always come first.
About a year ago, around March my mom and I were on the hunt to find dog’s breed perfect for my family. Then my mom and I thought it would be a good idea to visit an animal shelter to get a good idea of what we might want. We had to get the perfect dog because we had two toddlers at home. We most certainly did not want an aggressive dog towards the kids.
Two weeks pass and still nothing. My mom and I narrowed the search to either an American bulldog or French bulldog. Still we did not find are perfect dog. O month later one of my mom’s good friends (referred) her to a specific website. I receive a call later that day from my mom. She asked me what I thought about getting a Saint Bernard  At first I didn't really enjoy the thought of a huge dog lading around my house. But my mom already had her eye on one. As soon as she showed me the picture of the dog , I was wondering how it would look in real life. It was official we were getting a Saint Bernard.
On February 21st of 2012 my mom and a few of my friends, including me took a long trip to Greene New York to receive my new puppy. The ride was so long it felt like the ride would never end. We got lost one time but after three hours of driving we finally reach are destination. I could tell my mom was excited because she had got out of the car faster than me and she had high heels on. As we walk into the house I closed the door behind us. When I turn around I am surprised to see a huge brown and white ball in my mom’s arms. I have never seen a puppy so big in my life. The ride home was the best part of the ride because I finally got my puppy. When I first picked up my puppy he was ten to fifteen pounds for a four month old puppy. Go figure, he’s not a light puppy. My mom really wanted his name to be Brutus and I didn’t have anything better to name him so we just agreed on it.
The first few months with my puppy were pretty good. He was a pain. But he was just a regular puppy. It took me a while to potty train him but I finally succeeded after a few months of labor. He would wake me up every morning around 6 when he needed to use the bathroom. After a while it gets real annoying. I don’t enjoy wakening up to my dog sniffing my face. Good thing about that was I didn’t need an alarm clock anymore.
Overall, my mom and I both agree we made the perfect decision. On Present day January 8,2013 Brutus is around 11 months . He has grown a lot. I feed him at least 4 cup’s of dry food two times a day or more. He is a lot of responsibility. Yet he has a very short life span of only eight years. In total my mom paid nine hundred dollars for my dog. I pay for everything he needs. I think of him as my son because he listens to me a lot more than he does with other people. He is one of my most prized possessions. I would never sell or trade him for anything.